VIDEO: Student Entrepreneurs Tour Winnipeg's Booming Startup Scene

April 1, 2016 Mark Glucki

April 1, 2016: CEO Manitoba StartUp Crawl 2016 

Budding Manitoba student entrepreneurs hit the Winnipeg streets today to visit a collection of the city's most inspiring startups. We followed along with behind-the-scenes footage of the event featuring university level students in our province as they hop from startup to startup. 

The well-attended event is run by University of Manitoba student group CEO Manitoba, whose mandate is "dedicated to sparking the entrepreneurial spirit."

While on location at AssentWorks in Winnipeg's Innovation Alley, CEO Manitoba President, Liam MacCormack,  spoke more about the awesome event and the goals of this great organization.

"We take 60 plus students, and drive them around to all of the places where they need to be if they want to run a business or work for a startup," says Liam.

"I love the Winnipeg entrepreneurship community because entrepreneurship is the future, and Winnipeg has one of the most tightly knit entrepreneurial communities you can find anywhere in Canada."

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"If you've ever had the idea of starting your own business in Winnipeg or working at a startup in Winnipeg, this is the event to be at."

This year's crawl features an incredible list of partners who support this growing community and event. Throughout the day students will tour and meet an end-to-end array of people and places that can help grow an entrepreneurial idea to a business reality.

"We visit new business incubators, startup office spaces, workshops to build your prototypes, places where you can do market research, banks and non-for-profits which can provide you with funding and grants, you can meet mentors, see Winnipeg's most successful startups, and soooo much more!"

Watch the above video to learn more, and visit the CEO Manitoba website to get involved in future events. 

Did you attend CEO Manitoba Startup Crawl 2016? Tell us your highlights in the comments below!

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